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Crown Geochemistry Inc.
Formed to provide exciting new advanced gas analysis in drilling and exploration applications.

Founded in 2001 as a subsidiary unit of Warren Logging (later Warren & Christian, Inc.), longtime regional mudlogging service company. W&C was incorporated as an evolutionary step from the original company. When F.I.T., Inc. was developing their DQ1000 (tm) mass spectrometer we were privileged at the logging company to participate in some of the field trials, etc.. When the program matured we were granted vendor status and began to offer the service in conjunction with standard mudlogging. When it became apparent that the service needed to be offered stand-alone the Crown brand was formed inside W&C in 2003. The eventual spinoff in 2006 allowed Crown Geochemistry, Inc. to concentrate on this service exclusively. Now using the INFICON Prospector quadrupole mass spectrometer from Future Geological Technologies, Inc..

Providing   while-drilling monitoring of mudgas chemistry for oil & gas exploration efforts.

We are the leading provider of this technology. We have an experience base of almost two thousand lateral wells. We have been involved with this technology for several years (since about 2001); having been privileged to cooperate during some of the field development R&D for one of the early technology presenters (FIT Inc.).

We work on the drill site, either alone or in conjunction with preferred existing local mudlog service providers. While in some cases this technology has been considered for use in lieu of standard mudlogging, it is more usual that both services as complimentary efforts has seemed appropriate.  

Future Goals

We have been blessed to have participated in the birth of an important new service arena in the oil and gas exploration industry. We intend to continue to lead this service sector and participate in the emergence of this technology- eventually to it's obvious natural place as a necessary technology deserving universal application in modern exploration.

Ownership - Investor Interest
The corporation is held privately in it's entirety. If interested in Crown as an investment opportunity Please contact Bruce Warren. There are currently no outside investors, but we will be happy to record your interest and forward details if opportunities arise in the future.

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