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PDF - Quick Reference Guide for Crown's Final Report
This is a PDF copy of a document which is designed for new users as they start utilizing the final report and analysis. It's a basic guide to the volume-normed, standardized, cross-plotted, hydrocarbon and BTU data presentations.


PDF - Application of Advanced Mud Gas Analytics for Reservoir Evaluation and Optimized Completion Efforts
This is a PDF copy of a poster which we presented in 2015 at the AAPG Revitalizing Reservoirs Conference in Golden, CO. and the Permian Symposium in Midland, TX. This provides a compilation of both vertical and lateral applications of the Crown analytics.

PDF - Definitive Indicators of Hydrocarbon Production Character in Shale
This is a PDF copy of the work which we have presented at section meetings in Midland and OKC. A value for DQMS-derived hydrocarbon wetness exists above which there will be liquids production and below which only gas is produced for shale laterals. With 96.2% of the wells studied being sorted accurately, it is with good confidence that predictions of production type can be derived from mud gas analysis using DQMS data.


PDF - Gas Production Composition Determined With Direct Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (DQMS) While Drilling
This is a PDF copy of the work which we presented 2011 AAPG MidCon Section meeting. A version of this is also available on the AAPG web page. The method by which we model the drill results for produced gas HC composition is illustrated in the work. DQMS mud gas analysis data collected while drilling provides a very reasonable estimate of hydrocarbon production with respect to composition and hydrocarbon basis BTU. Given the accuracy for the wide range of compositions tested, this analysis technique is suitable for early use in reservoir characterization. Given enough data points over a geographic location, DQMS derived compositions have been shown to be mappable data.

Understanding the Crown Geo Multiplot PPT
Your quick reference or short study as a PowerPoint covering the plot we call the Multi-Plot, which is part of our standard analysis for most horizontal and some vertical wells.

Understanding the Crown Geo Pathplot PPT
This PPT is designed to give a quick tour of the front page or "path plot" page of our standard lateral analysis report.

Understanding the Crown Geo Std Dev Plot PPT
This PowerPoint covers the third of the usual pages of our lateral wells analysis report.


Understand the Crown Geo 2012 "DNA" Plot. Lateral and Vertical analysis using Isologica (tm) crossplots with forward/reverse indicators
The PowerPoint gives a quick introduction to the newest presentation page in our standard analysis package. Some of our clients have dubbed this crossplot technique as DNA mapping. With this plot we highlight non-median aspects of the curve data and present markers for the unique data along side of a footage-based curve data strip. This helps visualize, for instance, the degree of difference of contents among flow compartments.

Understanding the Crown Geo Daily Strip Log
This PowerPoint covers aspects concerning the curve data log sent out each day while drilling the well.

PowerPoint by Fluid Inclusions Technologies, Inc.
Crown Icon at left will download this presentation. This PPT introduces the system and gives some background about the technology.

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