Pioneers in the use of mass spectrometry for exploration geology/geophysics services.

Now Featuring: H2S detector and the ability to crossplot H2S. Also new to Crown's services is XRF.

Phones: Main 580.562.4670  OKC 580.214.1271


We are   the exclusive Oklahoma provider and non-exclusive provider elsewhere of the Fluid Inclusion Technologies, Inc. (tm) DQ1000 (tm) mass spectrometer, and related services.

Providing   while-drilling monitoring of mudgas chemistry for oil & gas exploration efforts.

We are the leading provider of this technology. We have an experience base that includes hundreds of wells, including hundreds of shale wells. We have been involved with this technology for several years (since about 2001); having been privileged to cooperate during some of the field development R&D for the technology presenters (FIT Inc.).
We work on the drill site, usually in conjunction with preferred existing local mudlog service providers. While in some cases this technology has been considered for use in lieu of standard mudlogging, it is more usual that both services as complimentary efforts has seemed appropriate.  

Why Crown Geochemistry?
This company is completely structured around delivering this data set. We don't do anything else. We have done (as an informal estimate) approximately 75% of the entire worldwide effort to date. Our logistics model is for the field crew to set up and run the machines and the technical staff does nothing but work with this data. Other companies offer this gear, but the service model is that they add the gear to the field unit and said field unit is primarily designated as something else - like a mudlog or data utility. The existing technician gets this task in addition to his "day job" and your evaluation of the data comes at the hand of this technician or, worse, the data is ignored or piped around elsewhere or outsourced. We have structured this company our way because over the years it has become evident that this task is it's own "day job" and we think of it as JOB ONE. We think this is why we do more than everyone else combined.


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