Pioneers in the use of mass spectrometry for exploration geology/geophysics services.

Now Featuring: H2S detector and the ability to crossplot H2S.
Also new to Crown's services is partnership opportunites for Mudlog providers.

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We are   the first company to provide DQMS onsite drilling gas analysis now proudly providing service using the most modern Mass Spectrometer gear in the oilfield today - The INFICON (tm) Prospector (tm) and Future Geological Technologies (tm) Direct Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Why Crown Geochemistry?
This company is completely structured around delivering this data set. We don't do anything else. We have done (as an informal estimate) more than half of the entire worldwide effort to date. Our logistics model is for the field crew to set up and run the instruments allowing our technical staff to solely work with this data.

Announcing Mudlogger Partnership Program
Mudlog companies may work with us also. We now offer hybrid service plans that allow your exploration team to save money by using the mudlog company to acquire the data, using instruments they can lease, or OWN. This puts QC in the hands of loggers, but they run the gas sample collection and process gear already so they learn to do this well in most cases. This can lessen the footprint on location as well as reducing insurance, personnel, and other cost overlaps. We will assist them to process and evaluate the data and prepare the Final Report. We then deliver the report and explain our findings directly to you or through the loggers. We have structured this company our way because over the years it has become evident that this task is it's own "day job" and we think of it as JOB ONE. We think this is why we have done more in this field than everyone else combined.
What does Mass Spec Data Help With?
Using advanced gas analysis can help geologists better understand formation conditions, of course, but also can improve economics for drilling, production and completion. This gas data can assist in drilling operations by at times being able to indicate bit and motor wear and failure. Our mudlogger/geosteering partners can use the additional insight to help track formation continuity. We can use the data to identify problems to consider and opportunites exist to help avoid certain troubles. For instance we have insight in fault-prone and H2S-prone production that can help minimize the H2S production or locate a fault for perf placement consideration. The data can be used in conjunction with normal completion design in this way. More directly in "engineered completion" programs helping identify fluid compartment continuity and porosity and water saturation variability. In vertical wells we offer very good fluid analysis that helps establish G/O/W definition as well as assisting in establishing perf opportunities by improving electric log analysis as well as in directly reading the heavier HydroCarbon (oil) sections.

There is so much more
Please call Tracy or Bruce and see if we can help you solve problems. We'd love the opportunity to see if we can help improve production and/or identify the things that produce the variability you are trying to avoid
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